About the Elves

We spend all of our year (and I really mean all of it)! thinking about Christmas, and working on new ways to make the twinkle in little people's eyes even more, er, twinkly, over the festive period. 

Our ‘Official’ Elfish journey began around 12 years ago, with the arrival of our first niece, Olivia. I, (Sarah) wanted to continue a tradition I started with my little sisters of writing to Santa on Christmas Eve and receiving a reply from the big man. Reading his replies on Christmas Day morning, snuggled up in our PJs, always, always with the Carols at Kings tape playing in the background (what can I say, it’s tradition) while mum and dad made a special breakfast are some of my most treasured memories. And, although Olivia was not able to write to Santa yet (she’s very clever, but not quite advanced enough to write at just seven months old), Andrew and I, wanted her to have her first letter from the big man that she could look back on one day. 

And so, Santa wrote to her, and it was a hit - Olivia wasn’t too bothered, but all the adults loved it, and Andrew and I had adored creating such a special keepsake. We had the bug, and the following year we launched Classic Santa with the aim of making something truly different - we set out to create the most magical, authentic, perfectly personalised letters from Father Christmas, so we could help keep the magic of Christmas alive for little people (and big people too, for that matter) across the world. After all, Santa can’t do it all alone. 

With 2020 being a bit of a, um, different year to what we all expected, we thought (with Santa’s encouragement) the children of the world could use an extra sprinkling of magic, so we set to work on adding some exciting new pieces to our festive offerings on North Pole Ink, where you’ll find all sorts of treats. 

As with our magical letters from Santa, Andrew and I have painstakingly designed and created each of the pieces you’ll find on North Pole Ink ourselves (overseen by Santa, Mrs Claus and the Elves, of course) so we’re able to ensure the quality of our products is always consistent. 

There’s always a mince pie and hot chocolate to be found in the workshop, and yes, Christmas songs are exclusively played from October (OK, OK, August). We really do love what we do, and are so grateful to be part of so many families’ Christmas traditions. 

So, Merry Christmas to you & yours, and thank you for supporting our little business. 

Andrew, Sarah, (Chief Elf Twinkle) and the North Pole Team.