Personalised Letter from Santa

We have been helping Santa at his busiest time of year by creating beautiful, personalised letters from the big man since 2009.

Each letter is carefully crafted with great care, and printed on our vintage printing presses.
So many personalisation options can be included in the letter, from the child's achievements throughout the year, the gifts they may be hoping to receive, and even who they will be with and where they will be when Santa is making his deliveries.
Other very important bits of information make the letter extremely authentic - the child's age, the name of a friend or relative, and if a treat will be left out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
And, as the cherry on the cake (or the sugar on the mince pie!) Santa knows that children across the world have many different names for him, so you can choose from Father Christmas, Santa, Santa Claus or Kris Kringle. 
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